GWSB at the Fortune Global Forum

Left: Stefan Chow (Fortune Global Forum) Right: Stuart Isett (Fortune Global Forum)

When you stand at the nexus of the world's political and economic power, responsible global business leadership is not merely a privilege; it is standard operating procedure. Rather than only adapt to the shifts in the global economy, the GW School of Business (GWSB) acts as one of its agents of change.

In the city where decisions are made that change the lives of millions worldwide, our students not only get a front-row seat to witness—and experience—how business is conducted on the world stage, but also have a hand in making them. With established relationships within the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the U.S. State Department (all located just blocks away from campus), students learn firsthand how to see beyond the bottom line and consider the big picture of international affairs, finance, sustainability, ethics and corporate responsibility—often all at once. They understand that when you gain access to the ideas and daily dealings of Nobel laureates and U.S. Senators, receive advice from Treasury officials or gain a foothold in Brazil, China and sub-Saharan Africa, the last thing you should do is conduct business as usual.

And while Washington, D.C. is known as the seat of power, it is little wonder that it is now also home to the nation’s strongest—and fastest growing—local economy, the most educated populace and the lowest unemployment rate. This unparalleled access and momentum provides our students with rare insight into the inner workings of institutions most never see and opportunities that are changing the very way the entire world views business. In short, extraordinary people are drawn to GWSB to teach, enlighten, inspire and build the future.

Beyond imparting the core competencies and hard skills needed in the business world, the GWSB is driven by a spirit of innovation. For 75 years, we’ve stood on the cutting edge of bold new ideas and continue to pioneer for a new century. With more than 200 bold, customized programs that better fit the needs of our students, GWSB empowers them to pursue practical, insightful expertise from an enviable vantage point to the very forefront of the field.

At GWSB, we pioneer research. We influence global policy. We shape society. We drive progress.

The GWSB is the ideal setting for the next generation of international leaders, and a proud sponsor of this year's forum.